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Cristiano Ronaldo: O orgulho de Portugal
This is the fourth of a series of mosaic illustrations based on the great tradition of Azulejos. This 5 centuries old form of tile painting art is a typical part of Portugues (Spanish and Latin) tradition. I am experiment with these treasures for long time. This is one of the first artworks based on the studies. A portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the biggest popular hero of contemporary Portugal and one of my favorite athletes. This guys is not just an incredible soccer player. He's is much more than this. He's an artist, a show man, a working class hero, a role model, a hard working entrepreneur...

Best viewed large. Attention: Big file. (10240 x 13312 = 34.1" x 44.4" @ 300 ppi)

Made with custom developed scripts, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, Studio Artist, the Adobe Creative Suite and good Fado music.

Partially based on a photo by Photo Works (Shutterstock).

See all my Mosaic work.

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