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November 08 2013

Digilant: Above and beyond the data (2)
Digilant is created to help agencies and brands utilize advertising technology and data to discover media opportunities. For Digilant's "Above and beyond data" advertising campaign I have created this series of mosaic portraits made out of icons. The project has been managed by Crunch Brands, a team of brand specialists from Boston, MA.
More informations about the project Digilant: Above and beyond the data.

Best viewed large. Attention: Big file. (9211 x 12189 pixels = 28.4" x 37.6" @ 300 ppi)
Alternately you can zoom in to the high res (160 megapixels) file with Microsoft ZoomIt.

Made with custom developed scripts, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, Studio Artist, the Adobe Creative Suite and good music.

See all my Illustrations for Advertising.

Special thanks to Dan Birmingham and Phil Simpson.

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